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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  March 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> we will find out how many jobs were added last month. >> and ready or not, daylight saves time starts tonight. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. i'm also a big-fat baby when it comes to pushing the clock ahead an hour. >> in the fall you don't mind it. >> yes. >> me, me, me, isn't it?
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>> you know what, i don't have to fix any clock, because i never change them back in the fall. >> you make that mental adjustment. >> yes. >> how do you get up? >> internal clock. >> i don't know if you have noticed a trend here in the past few days. thursday in the 70's, yesterday in the 60's. in fact, we were hard put to put together the 60's. today we will be only in the 40's. so today you need a winter coat. at least this morning you do. and there is snow here in the northeast, but not this far south. up in pennsylvania -- you can see it up in new york state off the coast of massachusetts and the state of maine in the mountains up in new england. snow, well, it is march. we'll talk about the insta-weather plus forecast and a warming trend in just a minute.
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>> a beaten dog is our big story this morning. >> police are investigating the possible connection to a dog fighting ring after another dog was found injuried in brooklyn park. we want to warn you some images are disturbing. >> she had wounds from her nose to her tail. >> this is what princess looked like when receiven williams found her last week. her injuries are so graphic we had to blur them out. he found this dog limping around. >> i called her over to me, and that's when i noticed the marks on her. she had a lot of cuts and scars. she had some that cuts that were new, some that were healed a little bit. when i was petting her, i found the injury underneath. >> with the multiple punctures and lacerations, her condition
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leads us to believe she was involved in dog fighting. >> princess was found a few miles away from the spot where rocky road was found a few months ago. officials believe the two dogs may be limpinged to a ring. steven is surprised anyone would use her in dog fighting because she because of her nature. >> she would look at you with trust in her eyes. after what she'd been through, she trusted us. >> she is still recovering now. princess is expected to survive her injuries, but officials want everyone to know the signs of dog fighting rings. >> they can look out for lots of dogs being kept in one location. they can watch for lots of people coming in and out of a certain location and injured animals being found in their area. >> now, anne arundel county police have gotten involved, and
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any suspects apprehended will face criminal charges. the u.s. humane society is offering a $2,500 reward for an arrest and conviction in this case. sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a shocking discovery, an infant found dead inside the trunk of a vehicle and this morning a search for animals. police say someone reported finding the body. it is unclear how long the baby's body had been inside the trunk. a person cleaning the trunk made the discovery and called police. >> we arrived on the scene shortly thereafter. maryland state police arrived on th scene. we found in fact that did occur. we immediately had detectives respond to the scene along with the forensic investigators. >> at this point it is unknown who left the baby in there, and if there is any connection to
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the car's owner. there is no word on the child's identity, gender, or age. >> a public viewing for 13-year-old monet turner. her family maintains her death was not an accident. investigators are trying to figure out if a city police officer was involved in a cover-up. >> a massive bust yields millions in drugs, guns, and cash. it is the culmination of a three-month baltimore county police and homeland security investigation. >> a drug bust involving people in baltimore county. >> we took down a drug operation. drugs and guns go hand-in-hand.
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where there are drugs, there is violence. >> thursday night detectives served search warrants at this storage facility in baltimore city and a total of four homes in baltimore city and baltimore county. the results were 16 weapons, a large amount of heroin, ammunition, $8,000 in cash, and two bulletproof vests. a street value of more than $30,000. >> this individual is responsible -- >> i just had no idea. >> one suspect, keith james, lived above a dentist's office in baltimore city. >> had some people working for him like they were picking up trash and stuff. they kind of looked sketchy. i thought maybe he was doing
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something but never what we just heard. i never would have thought that. >> kai reed reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> and police are still trying to determine where the guns originated from. the suspects are expected to face criminal charges. >> in session 2012 this morning word that governor o'malley will likely veto medical marijuana legislation. two house committees heard testimony yesterday on three bills. one would let doctors prescribe medical marijuana. another would allow an educational research institution to dispense it. the third would allow patients to grow their own. 22-year-old cancer patient philip wagner said it would help increase his appetite. >> it is not so much pain for me. it is hunger and nasea.
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i have lost a significant amount of body weight, and it has been a challenge. so for me, it saves my life from starvation. >> the supporters vow to continue pushing the legislation through the statehouse. >> is it started as an attempted traffic stop and in-- ended as an accident. police say the driver tried to pull over the vehicle. during the chase, the officer was trapped inside. the suspect got away. >> peter calgary represented people who had been hurt on the job. he was convicted of felony theft. calgary was disbarred.
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>> in "project economy" the dow was up 14 points to close at 932 while the s&p 500 was up five points at 1370. analysts pointing to renewed hope that the economy could be back on track. employers added more than a quarter million new jobs. the new jobs quickly echoed throughout the campaign. steve handelsman is in washington with those details. >> it is good news for american workers and for president obama. more hiring last month. >> the economy is getting stronger. justice us manufacturers like car makers took on more workers with car sales up, and three times as many workers got new jobs in health care and business services. 227,000 u.s. jobs added in february, and the unemployment rate stayed at 8.3% because, experts said, more americans
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went out to look for jobs. optimism is up. >> campaigning in mississippi, mitt romney fired back that barack obama had promised unemployment below 8%. >> this president has not succeeded, this president has failed. >> rick santorum greed. >> the economy can grow, but it is not nearly realizing its potential. >> newt gingrich said again, a big reason is the obama energy policy. >> he's a genuine left winger. he really wants expensive gasoline. >> gingrich wants and needs a primary win in mississippi. >> good morning, y'all. >> a new englander in the south. >> i got started this morning
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with grits. >> president obama wants more jobs reports, like the one out today. >> from washington, i'm steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 5:11. 33 degrees on tv hill. what happened when passengers encountered a ranting flight attendant. >> and an entire region crippled, sthous thousands killed. one year later, we'll take you back to the day the earthquake and tsunami struck japan. >> but first, john has your insta-weather plus forecast. stay with us. "11 news saturday morning" is "11 news saturday morning" is just getting started. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. how to solve a brother-sister standoff. ♪
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>> now let's look at our live h.d. doppler radar. clear as a bell here. a beautiful morning. chilly enough for snow out in new york state. parts of new england showing up on our live h.d. doppler radar.
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none of that headed this way. it is an indication of the chilly air pushed back temporarily. temporarily into the area. let's look at the current temperatures outside right now. clear skies overlooking the city. 33 at the airport. inner harbor 37. no doubt there are a couple upper 20's out there some place. the sky is clear. 48% the humidity. that's a dry atmosphere. the barometer is up. we still have a bit of a breeze. northwest wft wind at 8 miles per hour. 70 at the inner harbor. you say when was that. that was like at midnight. the early morning hours, the predawn hours on friday. during the day friday, readings were in the 50's. temperatures have vacillated from there. lows were there at midnight last night. 38 and 43. now a little chillier than that. yesterday in the predawn hours there was a little rain. typical high this time of year is 50 degrees. you're going to have a hard time
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zeroing in on that. this weekend will be a little short. a warming trend coming back. right now annapolis is at 38. only 29 at parkton. frederick at freezing. readings in the 20's in western maryland now. here's the large-scale satellite and radar. what's left of that weather is out over new england at this stage. there is another little disturbance coming in over the great lakes out of the west and the upper midwest and canada. that will be riding north. we have this big area of high pressure overhead. storm developing down in texas in the gulf coast region, also coming into the pacific northwest. they kind of try to tie up about the middle of the week or so or toward the end of the first part of next week. until then, we have this big area of high pressure sitting overhead. here is what the map will look like this evening. leers what the map is looking at. we have a couple days of nice weather here for our area. i mention the high is 51, 52 degrees or so. 45 to 49 will be the high today.
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short of normal. northwest winds at 5 to 15. daylight savings time, turn your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bedjift to stay even with things. gusting with 25. small graft advisory. here is that developing storm out west. the high pressure system will be with us all weekend long, keeping that storm away. by monday night, it begins to move in, and rain chances go up. forecast is dry today and tomorrow. 63 tomorrow, and 65 on monday, and by monday evening into tuesday a little rain in the forecast. not a big hit. a look at 67. that will be the warmest day. 60's the rest of the week, with another rain chance toward the end of the week. >> thank you, john. it was one year ago this weekend that a devastating tsunami struck japan, and that is struggling to recover. >> nbc returned and has that
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report on the pace of recovery that left thousands dead or lost. >> along the coast communities devastated by last year's tsunami are remembering that terrible day with sadness, but also with a determination to rebuild their lives. entire towns were obliterated when the raging waters swept in following a 9.0 earthquake. 15,000 people are dead and 4,000 still missing. >> my mother and wife were snatched away by the tsunami. they are still missing. right now i am doing work with this group. there is no avoiding t now that i'm alone, i get depressed. >> much of the wreckage is cleared, and former towns have become barren wastelands. most has been piled into vast files piles of debris. it's equivalent to 19 years of
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trash in the worst affected areas. more than half a million areas were destroyed or damaged. while there has been plenty of talk, there is still no real blueprint for rebuilding. thousands still live in temporary homes. there are signs of hope, though. we filmed with a group of seaweed farmers out harvesting for the first time since the disaster wiped out most of the regions fishing fleet. they have been supported by the u.s. charity mercy corps. what there is no shortage of here is spirit. the people are resilient. and that is, perhaps, the most important asset as they look to the future. back to you. >> hard to believe it has been a year already. >> i know, but they recovered. >> a scary start for passengers aboard an american airlines flight, and it had nothing to do with turbulence. >> still ahead, the frightening rant that caused officials to remove not a passenger, but a flight attendant. >> and next in "medical alert"
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>> in this morning's "medical alert" a study shows the h.i.v. rate is staggering for black women. the amount is five times higher than previously thought. infection rates are higher than overall rates among african-american teens and african-american women. >> it is time to spring forward. when you go to bed, don't forget to set your clock for daylight savings time. pushing us up an hour, experts say for some, losing that hour is harder than gaining an hour. jay gray has more.
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>> time is of the essence this weekend. in the race against time, time stands still for no man, and there is no time to lose, except for saturday, whether most of us lose an hour. my, how time flies. >> most of us are pretty sleep deprived to start with, and now you are losing another hour. >> doctors say the switch is a bit more difficult for night owls, while early risers will spend an extra hour in the dark. >> you go in a little more drowsy, because the sun does help you wake up. >> how big a deal can this be? we're talking one hour, 60 minutes, 3,600 seconds. experts will tell you, and there are experts in this field, that it can change your entire way of life. studies have shown an increase in accident and workplace accidents. and the report published in the 2009 "new england journal of medicine" documented a 5% increase in the number of heart
5:24 am
attacks three days after the march time change. in part, doctors say, because the most difficult clock to reset is our own incolonel timepiece. >> the clocks in all the body parts, in all the organs have clocks as well. it is not just so you get tired, but the rest of your hormones are altered. it is not just a brain phenomena, it is an entire body phenomena. >> but for most of us -- >> truthly, i don't notice the difference. >> i have to change my clock. i like my phone. it does it for me. i don't have to worry about it. it doesn't change my life too much. >> and time marches on. >> don't like the annual changes? you can blame it all on ben franklin. you can go to our web site and see the places that actually decent observe the rule. stay with us. there is much more ahead on "11
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news saturday morning." first i'll show you some of the events going on around town this weekend. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. how to solve a brother-sister standoff. ♪ pillsbury chocolate chip cookies, warm out of the oven. another sweet idea for bringing families together from pillsbury.
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>> a baltimore company said it is building the world's tallest in door rollercoaster. maryland's department of business and economic development is touting the project as one of the safe exporting achievements. rob roblin has more on the fasttrack to china. >> the sign p on the bill here says baron and company cigars,
5:28 am
but they don't make cigars here anymore. their business is roller coasters. not just your kidee roller coasters, but spectacular roller coasters. roller coasters built and assembled all over the world. >> we have built and installed them all over the year. >> jim came out of the aerospace industry in the 19 0's and 1990's and used that toming to build roller coasters. >> we use magnetic drive systems. so noncontact magnetic systems where we use magnetic pulses where we move trains from 0 to 90 in a couple seconds.
5:29 am
we're use thag kind of technology, magnetic braking technology. >> it is the tallest in-door rollercoaster in the world to be built in china. that's about all we can tell you. >> we are building the world's largest in-door rollercoaster, designing it, building it, and we'll have a team going to beijing to help install it. it will be located in one of the world's largest free span buildings. >> jim's team of engineers here in baltimore designed the roller coasters. everything is high-tech. >> and make lightweight components that will become part of your ride experience. >> we did this with yamaha for the indonesia coaster. >> this company does not just design and build the roller coasters, they are actually the first riders. >> it is always a great thing to be one of the first riders when you go on that ride the first time. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> ok.
5:30 am
>> that's amazing. >> it is crazy to see rob over there trying to ride it. >> i don't really do those, roller coasters. my head just spins. >> the time now is 5:30. heard loud and clear, the scathing comments made by an american airlines flight attendent. >> plus 44 million youtube views and growing. the capture -- the drive to capture an african warlord. >> and our insta-weather plus forecast ahead. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families
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is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. >> john has a look outside. >> like a rollercoaster. >> it is a little chilly. back to winter this morning. last year at this time it was in the 60's with temperatures falling and everything. but, you know, i want to show you this picture first. we've been talking about these explosioned on the sun and the winds bringing these big electromagnetic storms our way, and how viewing the arora
5:33 am
borealis. here is a picture of where it was at that time and where it will all night long, including now. and the aroras is where they are visible from. it is that green shaded doughnut over the north sea. it is just north of the great lakes. so it is far south of the baltimore area. they probably are not visible, because they would be too low on the horizon to be seen. but we had ideal conditions for it. onward and upward in the insta-weather plus forecast. >> a scary start for some onboard an american airlines flight. as the plane was geth ready, a flight attendant launched into a
5:34 am
tirade. cell phone -- winds say the erratic speech reference technical issues and also 9/11. >> she's still making stapets about wanting to get in a cockpit. you need to open this door. a lot of other incoherent statements. >> well, the plane eventually returned to the gate. federal agents removed that flight attendant. she was taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> a worldwide internet campaign to catch a brutal african warlord captured the world's attention. the online video that focused on a ugandan leader is now the faster growing viral video in history. >> posted on line monday the video by thursday morning had 20 million views. by friday morning, it was more than 70 million. the man that made the video
5:35 am
credits young people and social media. >> these are children and young people 25 and younger saying mom, dad we want you to pay attention to this right now. >> jason russell's video documents the brutal exploits of a notorious lord's resistance army that includes kidnapping children of uganda. >> turning the girls into sex slaves and the boys into child soldiers. >> it is called coney 2012 because the goal is to catch him by the end of the year. celebrities like oprah and justin bieber have latched on as well as angelina jolie. >> the children in the video is what moved this woman to organize friends at her los angeles high school to raise money. >> i don't know what it was, but there is something about their tears and their voices that i just could not stand. >> the money she raised goes to
5:36 am
the group "invisible children" co-founded by founder jason russell and promoted in the video. there are stickers and posters that supporters are urged to put up on street corners worldwide april 20. >> there are critics, though, of the group and the video. the most notable is the uganda government who think coney fled seven years ago. >> we are outraged. the country is completely peaceful. what "invisible children" is doing is to reflect on this vast continent where others are in trouble. >> they say conditions are not as bad in central africa as they were when jason russell started shooting the documentary nine years ago. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> awful.
5:37 am
>> you said your daughter played that p well, that's young people shaping the world right there. >> well, she changed the world, a grade school counselor. we'll introduce you to the woman helping students in and out of the classroom. >> plus we'll head to argentina for for a look at a rare happening. >> weather-wise it is clear now. maybe rain and warmer temperatures work their rain back into our forecas see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. visit an america's best location near you today
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to find the authentic transitions brand lenses that fit your life. america's best. best prices in sight.
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>> a look at this massive ice wall. irregularly, the last collapse was back in 200 . the glafere -- the glacier is a major tourist site.
5:40 am
hundreds hit the observation deck to watch this chunk of ice fall. >> i guess there was kind of an arch there. you don't want to go through there. there are huge cracks, so i guess more will be happening with that. argentina is going into winter. we're going into summer. reverse situation. we'll talk more about that. satellite radar imaginary. clear skies overhead, but snows and clouds up in new york state. lake-effect snow. there is a disturbance there, too, spinning off the new england coast helping to generate some of this stuff and squeeze moisture out of the atmosphere. the temperatures are cold enough for that. we also see snow up in michigan. on our sky cam overlooking the inner harbor, you can see the first hint of dawn in the sky. it is a clear sky out there. 37 at the inner harbor. just above freezing, at least from the city on south. 48% the humidity.
5:41 am
the barometer is up. we have a northwest breeze. there is still a breeze out there. 8 miles per hour. we won't see it quite as blustery as it was yesterday. the winds are going to calm down. still from the northwest. that will hold the tempetures down. here is the temperature track. from last week into the future, here is where you hit the high thursday. way up in the 70's. yesterday the high was in the 60's, but that was at midnight in the predawn hours. now we're taking a nose dive. we'll be below the normal for one day today, and then we start climbing above normal and we should stay there into next week. that's the good news. temperatures this morning, a little chilly. i mentioned around baltimore and south, readings in the mid 30's. 38 at annapolis. 37 at camebridge right now. westminster 28. 20's, 19 out in oakland. 23 at frostburg right now. so off to the northwest, it is just a little bit chillier this
5:42 am
morning. here's the satellite image, showing the disturbance off the new england coast throwing a little snow back in new york state. pennsylvania done with theirs for a while. another air disturbance coming into the great lakes. it looks like that will pass mostly to our north. developing storm off stot to the southwest. here's what the map will look like this evening. rains developing in the plains states. there will be relatively mild temperatures. a sting of high pressure sitting over us for the weekend. all the rain travel-wise to the major destinations are transfer points. so tampa and dallas and the pacific northwest up in seattle getting the rain. everybody else looks dry and relatively nice with new york city and seattle the coolest places with highs in the 40's. for us, we're in the 40's too. sunny, these temperatures just a little below average for the season. northwest winds at 5 to 15. high pressure with us all weekend long. if you watch the timeline, that
5:43 am
storm in the center of the nation begins to catch up with us by monday night into tuesday, and that's when the rain chances kick in. our forecast 40's today. 60's tomorrow. by tomorrow, jump your clock ahead to one hour. by monday evening into tuesday, a rain chance. not a big one, but a rain chance. 65, 67. nice, mild weather. >> all right. another first for maryland senator barbara mikulski. we'll tell you about it when we come back. >> and recognizing time and clent. we'll have more on the awards that a elementary counselor just received. >> first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
>> she's a listening ear to hundreds of students. now her time and talent has earned her a national award. tim tooten has more on tracy spain. >> sometimes i do friendship activities and sleeping. we're doing the feeling candyland game. where you move a color and you talk about a feeling. >> she has helped students deal with more serious issues. >> there are a lot of changes in elementary school. kids go through family problems like divorce. just friendship problems.
5:47 am
>> spain recognizes a specific model of counseling. that's why she's being honored for what she does on the job here. >> having a counselor onhand that has expertise, talent, skills, and compassion makes all the difference in meeting kids' needs. we are blessed to have her here. >> is there ever a time when you felt bad about what you did? >> spain also keeps a close watch on students that complain of being bullied. >> you try to figure out, is it bullying or does it mean a student had a bad day and called you a name. most of the time it is like mediation between the students. those are avenues that they can follow. >> what are you proud about when you play sports? >> at the end of the day, tracy spain says she wants students to leave for home feeling good about themselves and those around them. >> for the first time ever, there is a nonafrican-american
5:48 am
winner of the hariet tubman award. she was honored for her legislation. she said the underground railroad is a road to achievement for america's people today. >> by have the pen from the very first african-american president signing his first piece of legislation, and it was about economic empowerment. >> senator ben cardin attended yesterday's presentation p >> the deal of the year in the nfl and high school basketball nfl and high school basketball straight ahead.
5:49 am
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in addition to the two hundred plus facilities that the university of phoenix has we have a very progressive online learning environment. we have something called phoenix connect that allows students to have a social network. you can post discussion questions. we have more than twenty thousand faculty members, chances are one of them is online when you need some assistance. i'm ron gdovic, i'm committed to providing my students with a twenty-first-century education and i am a phoenix.
5:52 am
>> usually you have to see the big trades go through for the -- not this year. washington has three number one picks and a number two pick to st. louis in exchange for the rams' two pick. this is a move for the redskins who give up this year's future number one. like robert griffin the third, the highs man trophy winner. >> championship weekend has arrived for high school basketball. semi-finals and college park. we start off with the boys. south carol's mctavish. big time shot off the glass. third quarter, here comes the lakers.
5:53 am
aaron parks beyond the arc. the lay-up finishes it. clifton will face largo in the 2-a championship game. boys a semi-final. danny shan driving. great body control. gets the ball to go. second half, danny shan scomprks newtown beats smithburg 75-72. newtown will face dunbar in the finals. rod harrison, jr. red hot. wilbur young will finish. harrison hit five degrees for
5:54 am
donebar. helped put the game out of reach. 86-68. coming up big. some tough defense. alice mercer with a steal. puts century up by 9 early on. jordan gaylord from the corners. great ball movement. setting up an easy basket here. takes the feed. drops in two off the glass. calvert in the final match-up. calvert beating patterson mill 42-31. scheduled to face western tech. big weekend ahead today for umbc's women's basketball team. a win tonight in the american
5:55 am
east conference finals. the retrievers got the big send-off on campus yesterday before heading up to albany to face albany tonight in that american east championship game. the coach of the year honors in his conference last season. now he wants to win the game of the year tonight. >> i think people in the area have taken notice of what we have done in the last 10 years, and a lot of the local kids have started to take yotis. our kids deserve it. >> championship on the minds for the blast as they open the eastern conference championship series against rochester tonight. and of course at m&t stadium, the best lacrosse teams in college on the field for the face-off classic. all kind of sports going on today. i'm gerry sandusky. hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start. >> 5:5 a. 32 degrees on tv hill. here is a look ahead to our next hour of "11 news saturday morning."
5:56 am
>> two dogs found with severe injuries. now police investigating a potential dog fighting ring in anne arundel county. i'm sheldon dutes. that story straight ahead. >> a disruption in the sky. details on the emergency landing of four airplanes after being struck by lightning. >> well, it is a little cold out there this morning. after all, it is still technically winter time. there is a warmer trend coming our way. the insta-weather plus forecast details ahead.
5:57 am
>> a multiyear investigation into an alleged bounty system is an embarrassment for the nefment four teams have been linked to the pay for performance scandal, involving more than 20 players. according to league report, players were provided monetary rewards for knocking opposing players out of the game. specific assignments for big hits, fumble recoveries, and injurying other players. as the league is trying to change its image in the wake of concussion lawsuits from former injuries, this is not the lesson to teach students. while defensive players from the new orleans saints are the central figures in the investigation, other teams are implicated. the indication that an owner and other managers may have known of the scheme is also disturbing. it is not the behavior we would expect from one of america's favorite sports. good sportsmanship, integrity, and professionalism are all ideal traits.
5:58 am
commissioner roger goodall is expected to levee punishment before the league later this month. ideally it will send a message this type of behavior will not be tolerated.
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